THE DELANO REPORT focuses on health-related issues from a purely pragmatic viewpoint. Its emphasis is on what works, how safe is it, and where do you find it – not on philosophical correctness, popularity or official approval. Thus, the Report treats issues such as “natural vs. synthetic”, “normal vs. enhanced”, and “sanctioned vs. banned” as irrelevant unless they reflect a real distinction in the risks or benefits of a given technique – which they seldom do.

Despite the ridiculous statements one sometimes hears – to the effect that “the human body is Nature’s masterpiece” – the fact is that, like other living organisms, the human body is a ramshackle construction that barely works even when we’re young and healthy, and fails us completely in the long run. We should therefore seek out and utilize methods for controlling or improving the way our bodies work – with appropriate caution and attention to unintended side effects. After all, we know what happens when we rely on our unenhanced bodies: our health deteriorates, we grow decrepit, and we die. Only by making use of the tools that we discover and develop will we have any chance at all of avoiding this fate.